Friday, March 4, 2011

singing in Queen Anne

i'm not sure exactly how many years it's been since Sergius and i first started writing each other and sending songs, it must be at least 5. but now that he is settled in Seattle, at least for the time being, and getting a band together to play some shows around his album release, i at last met up with him last night in the room he's renting in Queen Anne. our new business relationship perhaps took some of the pressure, or some of the theatricality, out of what would've been a purely wistful long-lost songwriting soul mate type of reunion if i'd flown out to Alaska to play music with him as we often talked of doing. we pretty much got down to business and he started playing songs and asking if i knew all the words so i could sing back ups at his shows. "do you know this one?" he kept asking and i laughed because i know most of his songs better than i know my own.

we passed my guitar back and forth, moving the capo up and down, playing our songs and teaching each other vocal parts. it was strange hearing how similar it sounds when we both play arpeggios, and his voice was like a naturally verbed out male version of mine. kind of eerie and amazing to hear in person. so we'll be singing together soon when his album comes out, and i want to get his voice on the new lotte kestner album, and maybe one day we'll write the ep together that we've talked of for years.

going to see him and play some more soon... and then the business meeting will be over and the pressure of 5 years. and i'll be able to just listen to him. can't wait for you all to hear him too.

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