Sunday, April 24, 2011

april for saint-loup

April was a good first month for the label. On the 1st, Sounds Like People came out and the official website went up (that would be here). Sergius had his first kind reviews from Slowcoustic and Fensepost. He played his first Seattle show at the Tractor Tavern and I got to sing harmonies, and Jeremy and Meredith from Mount Forgotten accompanied on pump organ and violin. The audience was silent and seated. It looks as though his next show will be mid June on Vashon Island, singing with the likes of Kirsten Wenlock, perhaps on a farm.

Last week I sent out the second Lotte Kestner album, a collection of covers, for mastering (J.J. who also did Sergius' album) and I'm just waiting to get that back and give it a listen through. My friend Violet has lent some of her photographs for the album art and everything is just about ready for pressing. Then more cd duplication. I have been working on this album for a few years, mixing it myself, being more choosy about the arrangements and performances since I didn't do the songwriting part. Due to come out in June, Saint-Loup's second release.

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